You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant

Making comparisons can be tricky, since it depends on who or what you are comparing. In this book, two fuzzy creatures can’t agree on whether one is big or the other is small, until some unexpected visitors (literally) drop in to offer them a fresh perspective.


As it turns out, ‘big’ or ‘small’ — or ‘hairy’, for that matter — depends on your scope of comparison, and in the grand scheme of things, labels like that really don’t matter at all.


The simple text and illustrations here belie the book’s applaudable philosophical depth, and I love how it uses humour to pitch to kids the idea that the world is bigger, more complex and more diverse than they can imagine, and encourages them to keep an open mind. It’s also easy to use this book as a springboard for a discussion on how everything — not just appearance — is relative.

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