Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry

Books on vehicles are usually rather dull and uninspiring affairs — well, at least to someone who has very little interest in them! This 40-year-old gem, however, has overturned my expectations in the best possible way.

The narrative here centres on a pig family taking a road trip to the beach for a picnic, and all the things that they encounter along the way. But, to be honest, there’s so much else going on in every spread that the fact that there IS a story at all becomes almost a bonus.

Naturally, the highlight of the book is Richard Scarry’s astonishingly detailed and imaginative scenarios involving every kind of vehicle you can think — or dream — of, both real and invented: a five-seater pencil car, a Bananamobile, a pickle car and a caterpillar bus are just a few mild examples of the numerous fantastical vehicles that run alongside the usual cars, buses and trucks.


It’s almost impossible to get tired of looking at this book since there is SO much to see and unexpected bits of quirky humour liberally sprinkled throughout. And, as if all that were not enough, there’s a little bug character called Goldbug hidden on every double spread.


It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of glowing online reviews on this amazing book — it deserves every single one.

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