The Jacket by Kirsten Hall and Dasha Tolstikova

The Jacket is a meta book that confirms what bibliophiles have long suspected: yes, of course books have feelings and thoughts!

Well, ok, at least one lonely book named, er, Book does: all he really wants is for someone special to take notice of him and appreciate his good qualities — and of course, love (and read) him. In other words, he’s pretty much like most people, which instantly makes him an empathetic character along the lines of Corduroy.


Like Corduroy, Book’s long wait pays off when his wish comes true in the form of a little girl — although, there is a slight snag: the presence of her slobbery pet dog Egg Cream, since dogs and books don’t — and shouldn’t — mix.


The childlike illustrations, while slightly messy, make perfect sense once you get to the unexpected ending, and the author’s clever ideas all coalesce into a whole. And, let’s just say that after reading this book, you’ll probably want to peek under all the jackets of the books you own!

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