Our Favourite Pig-ture Books

We Are in a Book! is just one of the many friendship-themed books in the Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems, which provides a great introduction to comics for early readers since each “frame” takes up an entire page and the humour is pitched perfectly at four-year-olds.


If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond is one of the books from the “If You Give…” series which features adorably detailed illustrations and uses a circular form of storytelling to relate the somewhat troublesome hijinks of the pig (or mouse/moose/cat/dog) and the hapless child who tries to keep up.


Ten Dirty Pigs/Ten Clean Pigs: An Upside-Down, Turn-Around Bathtime Counting Book by Carol Roth and Pamela Paparone is actually just one-half of this creatively conceptualised counting book which instructs the reader to flip the book over when the first half ends, since the back-cover is really the cover of part two of the book, Ten Clean Pigs, which logically continues from Ten Dirty Pigs but can be read independently — it also works the other way around, so technically, there is no end to this book!


Finally, Small Pig by Arnold Lobel is an endearing early-reader about the (mis)adventures of a mud-loving pig who runs away from the farm after the over-zealous cleaning efforts of the farmer’s wife, in search of — what else? — “good, soft mud”, of course!


Do you have a porcine favourite to share? ;@

3 thoughts on “Our Favourite Pig-ture Books

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