Press Here and Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet

Even though we’ve had the Chinese edition of Press Here (点点点) for a couple of years, it was only recently that the kids took a keen interest in it.


Naturally, they love it now and have asked to read it numerous times, not so much because they believe in its purported “magic”, but because they simply take delight in the book’s interactivity — listening to and carrying out the book’s instructions (which I’m probably most thrilled about because it’s in Chinese), and anticipating the funny “results” of their actions. Of course, it also helps that the pages are so colourful and cheery!


Herve Tullet’s latest book Mix It Up! is thus a must-read for fans of Press Here. Not only does it feature the same level of interactivity as his earlier book, but it is twice as fun because it allows you to “play” with paint without all the accompanying mess — ’nuff said.



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