Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night by Jon Davis

When Small Blue wakes up in the dark of the night, she “thought of creepy… sneaky things” like gremlins and goblins. Spooked, she calls out to Big Brown for help.


A reassuring authority figure, Big Brown patiently shows Small Blue that there’s nothing hiding in the dark; yet, at the same time, he also encourages Small Blue to entertain other, less frightful — and more humorous — possibilities when it comes to creatures lurking in the dark, such as doggies on unicycles or smiley spacemen having a party.


Thus, Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night is a gently-paced, heartwarming story designed to help children who are afraid of the dark, by encouraging them to similarly channel their imagination more positively. After all, a fear of the dark is usually not caused by the fear of darkness itself, but our imagination getting the better of us as a result of the vulnerability that comes with not being able to see what’s around us — it’s all in the mind.

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