The Storm Whale by Benji Davies

A little boy, Noi, who lives on a quiet island with his fisherman father and six cats, stumbles upon a beached baby whale and sets about helping it.

While there’s an element of simplistic fantasy to how Noi lugs the whale back to his bathtub using his little red wagon, from the little boy’s perspective — and a very lonely one at that — it’s not unbelievable that his first instinct is to look after his new friend the only way he can think to do so.


Featuring probably the smallest whale ever to star in a picture book, the atmospheric and emotion-rich illustrations in The Storm Whale are simply breathtaking — looking at them, you can almost, almost smell the sea salt in the air; there are also sweet little details scattered throughout the book that deserve closer examination, like the playful antics of the six cats and Noi’s thoughtful choice of music for the whale.

The ending, while not unpredictable, feels right, with the little whale safe back where he belongs, and Noi and his dad gaining a better understanding of each other.

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