Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity by Jenni Desmond

Life with siblings isn’t all cookies and cream, so to speak. After all, the flip side of anyone spending so much time together is that there’re bound to be instances of bickering, petty quarrels or fights, which is normal. What’s more important is not allowing whatever negative emotions that are riding high in that moment to linger long enough to cause any real damage. And this, essentially, is the gist of Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity, which is almost uncanny in its depiction of sibling rivalry.


While the manifestation of Eric’s frustration with the antics of his toddler-aged sister is exaggerated for comic and dramatic effect — he literally flies off the handle! — the raw emotions feel real, thanks in part to the expressive illustrations.


Of course, the best part of any quarrel is in the making up, and the simple yet instinctive way in which Eric displays his understanding of and care for his sister is so natural that it betrays his deep affection for her.

My son liked this book a lot, as did I — no surprise there since, in all honesty, it could have been based on my kids.

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