Wednesday by Anne Bertier

With its curious title, naturally it seems fitting to feature this book on hump day. ‘Wednesday‘ refers to the day when Big Square and Little Round get together on a weekly basis to play their favourite game, where they each morph into the shape of whichever noun that either of them decides, such as a butterfly, a mushroom and a flower.


Alas, when Big Square gets carried away with his own elaborate creations, Little Round starts feeling inadequate and stops playing.

Thankfully, Little Round soon comes up with a better, more collaborative way to play the game that not only salvages their friendship, but also allows their creativity to soar to greater heights. My kids were immediately drawn to the graphics in this book since they too enjoy manipulating shapes for their own creations, so it’s no wonder that this book was a big hit with them.

A marvel of modern minimalist beauty, the bicoloured graphics in the book are reminiscent of Edouard Manceau’s Windblown, a similarly inventive and playful book, and may be used to spark off shape-related crafts and creations.

I also imagine it’d be fun to see an animation based on this book, like Norton Juster’s The Dot and the Line:

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