Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

One of the reasons why many of Dr. Seuss’s best books resonate with both children and grown-ups, is the way he has compressed important life lessons into ostensibly lightly-worded and catchy rhymes that can be understood by anyone. And one of the best examples of his genius at work is, of course, Green Eggs and Ham, which, incredibly, contains only 50 different words — the happy result of a bet between the author and his publisher — and is ideal for the youngest readers.

Although much of the book reads like a repetitive chant of the dialogue between the protagonist and a persistent character called Sam-I-Am, who goes to great lengths (and depths) to persuade the former to try the eponymous dish, the author’s subtle changes in the rhyming structure towards the end are designed to make you slow down and pay attention to the most important spread — pictured here.

While the book appears to be inspired by picky eaters, anyone can relate to its central message, which is that you may miss out on some of the best things in life if you’re not open to new experiences. And of course, Dr. Seuss’s brilliantly effusive illustrations serve to further cement both the impression of the book and its meaning in your memory.

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