The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall

At a certain point, kids will start asking the potentially awkward question, “Where do babies come from?” — as does the young big-brother-to-be in  The Baby Tree , who tries to get answers from various sources, and ends up with a mixed bag of them, all beautifully imagined in Sophie Blackall’s gently whimsical illustrations.


For parents who want to provide a factual explanation, yet skip the ickier details, this book is a godsend since the charming story manages to weave in a simple-enough yet truthful answer to satisfy little curious minds, while at the same time also handily dispelling some erroneous — albeit rather entertaining — ideas.


And, if and when the child seeks a more detailed explanation, there’re also helpful age-appropriate guidelines at the end of the book.

One thought on “The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall

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