Doodle Bites by Polly Dunbar

Tilly and Friends is an adorable six-book series about a little girl and her animal pals who all live together in a little yellow house — with each book centering on a different character.

Thus, as the title suggests, Doodle Bites is about Doodle the alligator, who wakes up one day feeling “bitey” and goes on a rampage which counts Tumpty the elephant as one of his victims. When Tumpty retaliates by stomping on Doodle’s tail, everyone is upset until Pru the chicken arrives to save the day with the help of Tilly, Hector the pig and Tiptoe the bunny.

While the stories are simple, there’s something so sweet and charmingly whimsical about Polly Dunbar’s illustrations that you can’t help but fall in love with the characters.

p.s. The books have also spawned an animated TV series on CBeebies.

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