Never Tickle a Tiger by Pamela Butchart and Marc Boutavant

If you tell a restless child specifically not to do something, chances are, he/she will try to do exactly that. So guess what happens when Izzy’s class goes on a trip to the zoo and her teacher warns her NEVER to tickle a tiger. Yup, she tickles the tiger.

Probably loosely inspired by The Day the Cow Sneezed, another entertaining cautionary story on the disastrous consequences of not listening, Never Tickle a Tiger is a light-hearted, ticklish tale that is every wriggly, jiggly, fidgety, squirmy kid’s vicarious fantasy come true.

The exuberant illustrations are also chock-full of visual humour, thanks to Marc Boutavant’s lively characterisation of the protagonist and the complete pandemonium caused by Izzy.

p.s. Don’t miss the cute hedgehog on the zoo spreads!

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