A Taste of the Moon by Michael Grejniec

For a long time, the animals have wondered what the moon tasted like, but none of them could touch it, no matter how hard they tried — that is, until a tenacious little tortoise decides to aim much higher and spontaneously kick-starts an ambitious plan that requires the animals to work together to literally reach their common goal.

Besides extolling the value of collaboration, this gently whimsical story is also a reminder not to underestimate or discount the contribution of any member of the team, no matter how seemingly insignificant: everyone counts.

The author’s watercolour paintings have an unusual paper-mâché texture to them that is not only particularly apt for the moon, but also lends the illustrations a warm, cosy feel that fits well with the enchanting night-time milieu.

p.s. Don’t miss the quirky little surprise scene at the end, which gives the story an unexpectedly philosophical and humorous perspective!

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