The Wonder by Faye Hanson

This wonder-filled book about a nameless boy reads like a heartfelt dedication to children like him, whose heads always seem to be in the clouds — you know, the kid who likes to take his time and seems to have no sense of hurry; the kid who doesn’t always pay attention when you want him to; the kid who’s always daydreaming…

As the story progresses and we step into the protagonist’s shoes, however, we see that he is just a sadly misunderstood, irrepressibly curious boy with a fantastic imagination. The rather understated book cover belies the truly outstanding illustrations within, as the author’s own imagination and artistic abilities are given full flight in depicting the fantastical worlds that the boy conjures up in his mind, as well as offering us a glimpse of the jaw-dropping potential that the untainted creative and artistic mind of a child possesses.

I know I said that The Wonder seems to be dedicated to the ‘daydreamers’, but it is also a sincere plea to everyone on their behalf, to accept them for who they are and allow them to blossom on their own stage, in their own time.

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