Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

To one little boy, Fridays are extra-special because that’s when he and his dad go on their breakfast date, rain or shine. Every Friday thus invites us along on their weekly sojourn, which ostensibly involves nothing more than them taking a stroll to the corner diner for breakfast, but is really a composition of many smaller routines, like them leaving the house early, greeting familiar faces, peering into the same shop windows, dropping letters into the mailbox and simply enjoying their uninterrupted time and conversations together.

While the little boy is unnamed, in the author Dan Yaccarino‘s foreword, he explains that this is a true account of his own treasured weekly tradition with his son Michael. And, from the genuine warmth and sentiment that comes through in the author’s words and illustrations, it’s clear that this book is really a heartfelt gift from a loving father to his beloved son.
Not every story needs to be exciting or funny, and this book is a perfect reminder that there is magic to be found in the mundane. After all, the irony of life is that our sweetest, most enduring memories are often made up of the simplest moments that we sometimes take for granted.

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