Soup for One by Ethan Long

In Soup for One, a fly spies a bowl of delicious soup through an open kitchen window and immediately lays claim to it. Alas, to his utter disgruntlement, along comes another fly, and then another, and so on so forth, until the soup becomes a little crowded. However, it soon becomes apparent that having to share is the least of their problems…

Featuring short and simple rhyming couplets on every spread, this atypical counting book drew lots of giggles, thanks to the humorous mixed-media illustrations which combine digital drawings (the expressive characters in particular are just bursting with personality) and photographs (the soup, spoon and crackers) to lively effect.

The little twist at the end is also a crowd-pleaser, although observant readers will already have spotted someone else lurking around for an opportunity to indulge in a little soup for one!

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