Oi Frog! by Kes Gray and Jim Field

According to a certain bossy, know-it-all cat, the hapless frog in this story ought to sit on a log (never mind that it’s nobbly and splintery). Meanwhile, he is himself self-righteously perched on a relatively more comfortable (un)welcome mat. In fact, if he has his way, gophers and hares will get to rest easy on sofas and chairs, while lions and storks have it much rougher (read: OUCH)!

What soon becomes clear, however, is that there is a method to the cat’s apparent tyranny in this refreshingly original and entertaining take on rhyming words. Much of the fun of reading this book comes from anticipating Kes Gray’s wacky word pairings, as well as Jim Field’s brilliantly bold and comical illustrations of deadpan animals seemingly resigned to their awkward seating assignations.

I love a good twist in the tale, and the hilarious ending in Oi Frog! was a big hit with the kids and got them clamouring to read it again!

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