Our Big Blue Sofa by Tim Hopgood

“Sofas are for sitting on, and not for bouncing!” agreed no kid ever, and especially not Jessy and her brother Tom, whose acrobatic play and grand adventures depend very much on their beloved big blue sofa. Even their two cats Inky and Binky are willing participants in their creative escapades, where their big blue bouncy playground transforms into a submarine, a hot-air balloon, a taxicab, an elephant and whatever else they can conjure up with their boundless imaginations.

Written in the voice of Jessy, the tone of the text is spot-on — breezily energetic and engaging — while the cheerful and exuberant illustrations are enhanced by wonderfully tactile flocked details on the sofa, which can be found on almost every spread. I also appreciated the author’s close attention to detail, which extends to the thought put into the amusing front and back matter of the book.


With the exception of beds, a sofa or couch is probably the most ubiquitous piece of furniture that one can find in every household, regardless of size or grandeur, and is likely the spot where many memories of precious everyday familial interactions are formed. Thus, anyone would be able to empathise with the young protagonists, who can care less about how lumpy, old and worn their sofa is, since it has never been JUST a sofa to them.

p.s. Unfortunately, this lovely book is out-of-print, but it’s well worth the effort to track down a used or library copy if you can!

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