The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith

When the driver of a double-decker bus decides on a whim to break away from the monotony of driving a fixed route every day by literally taking a different road, little does he know that this will lead to an epic road-trip for him and his surprisingly game passengers.

Along the way, the driver picks up more and more new passengers, for, as it turns out, many other people are looking to add a little adventure and excitement to their lives, too — so much so that when there’s no more room for anyone else in the bus, the enterprising passengers decide to make some by building more and more decks to dramatic effect (there’s even a swimming pool!) just so that they can all be part of the merry caravan.

Filled with bright, lively and detailed cartoony illustrations, The Hundred Decker Bus is a fun and fantastical tale designed to capture the imagination — I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want a ride (albeit a vicarious one) on a HUNDRED-decker bus?!

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