Don’t Play with Your Food! by Bob Shea

Poor Buddy. All he wants is to make a nice monster meal of the bunnies that he encounters, but somehow or other, his plan keeps getting thwarted by the bunnies, who may or may not know exactly what they are doing…

Of course, Buddy is not your typical ferocious monster, but a comical-looking orange creature who is easily distracted by cupcakes, hide-and-seek, a swim and even a carnival, while the little white bouncy bunnies are the perfect sweet, innocent foil to Buddy’s wild energy.

As the story continues, one can’t help but empathise with Buddy’s increasing reluctance to gobble up the bunnies — ah, it really pays to be cute sometimes! The amusing dialogue between Buddy and the bunnies also complement illustrations that are colourful, spirited and just the right amount of zany, which makes every page a joy to look at and read.

A fun, literal twist on the common parental refrain: “Don’t play with your food!

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