Inside This Book by Barney Saltzberg

From the author of Beautiful Oops and Andrew Drew and Drew comes another inspired and brilliantly inspiring book — this time, aimed at showing little ones how they, too, can create their own books.


Borrowing the mini-books-in-a-book format pioneered by Jessie Klausmeier and Suzy Lee in the charming Open This Little Book, Inside This Book comprises three mini books of different sizes all bound together, well, inside. The first little book is written by the protagonist Seymour; the second, by his sister Fiona; and the third, by his brother Wilbur (with some help from Seymour).


From the simple yet markedly different writing and drawing styles, humour and personalities expressed in the three little books (all done such that it’s believable that they were created by the three young characters), readers immediately get the message that there’s no one “correct” way to write a book, and that age is no barrier to being a bona fide author — what a fantastic way to encourage children to get creative and write!

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