Superdog by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner

Contrary to what Marvel and DC Comics will have you believe, this heartwarming story proves that superpowers and fancy gadgetry are not the only measures of a hero.

Tired of being underestimated and taunted for his diminutive sausage-dog stature, Dex sets about pursuing his dream of becoming a true hero — just like the ones he sees in the movies and comic books. And, with admirable determination, resilience, hard work, courage and an earnest desire to want to do good, against all odds, he succeeds — and, better yet, earns the respect of his detractors.

Of course, no superdog transformation is complete without a (rather undignified) costume, and, thanks to Mark Buehner’s playful imagination, we are rewarded with the priceless sight of Dex in his spiffy green cape and tight-fitting red spandex!

Deftly plotted with wonderfully descriptive vocabulary, Caralyn Buehner’s inspiring underdog tale is complemented by Mark Buehner’s detailed oil paintings that strike the perfect balance of warmth and humour.

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