Daddy’s Sandwich by Pip Jones and Laura Hughes

When a little girl offers to make her daddy a sandwich with all of his “favourite things”, things get a liiittle out of hand…

“Things”, of course, is an overused word that can be dangerously ambiguous, especially in the mind of an imaginative little girl who is left to her own devices, and who has no qualms about making a sandwich with EVERYTHING her daddy likes, whether that means butter, tomato, cheese, or decidedly LESS edible and MORE damageable stuff like… his camera!

The adorable illustrations perfectly depict the little girl’s contagious bright-eyed enthusiasm as she swirls around the house gathering sandwich “ingredients” like a ball of energy, while her oblivious dad is glued to the football action on the telly in the eye of the hurricane.

And while it’s clear that the sandwich is a disaster in the making, you can’t help but be impressed by the girl’s determination, and moved by her good intentions. And, of course, the look on her daddy’s face when he finally sees her masterpiece, is absolutely priceless!

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