Wanted: The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton

What Henry wants most in the world is a dog, which he’s convinced will be the Perfect Pet for him. So he places an ad in the papers — as you do — to seek one with floppy ears, a waggy tail, a cold wet nose and a furry tongue, and who can do fantastic tricks.

Meanwhile, on a hilltop far away, there lives a lonely duck who is wishing for a friend… So when the hopeful duck spots Henry’s ad in the papers, you can’t really blame him for trying out for the job (even though there is that tricky business of him not actually being a dog), can you?

The humdrum title (Wanted: The Perfect Pet) and cover of this book really do very little justice to its sweetly sparkling content, which has been whimsically divided into three short chapters, culminating with Henry meeting his do— I mean, duck. The author’s deceptively simple line illustrations in particular are delightfully evocative and pack loads of heart and humour.

So while this is ostensibly a book about a boy’s search for the perfect pet, it’s also about serendipity and accepting your friends for who they are. Isn’t it funny how things sometimes have a roundabout way of falling into place?

p.s. If you like this book, don’t miss the equally lovable sequel, The Perfect Present!

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