Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah O’Hora

When the Bunny family finds a baby wolf left outside their door, Mama and Papa are so smitten that they immediately adopt him and shower him with unconditional love. Alas, not everyone feels the same — little Dot has strong misgivings about having Wolfie as a brother: “He’s going to eat us all up!”

But, as this heartwarming story shows, appearance is only skin-deep, and what really defines someone is how he or she thinks, feels and acts. Like how a wolf in bunny disguise is really a Bunny in permanent wolf’s clothing, or how a spunky little bunny can scare off a bear.


It’s also wonderful to see that instead of the predictable adoption- or sibling-rivalry story arc, what we get with Wolfie the Bunny is a fresh, witty take on both that explores the true meaning of family with humour, heart and aplomb.

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