Snappy Birthday by Mark Sperring and Laura Ellen Anderson

When a special birthday invite arrives from a next-door neighbour whom they’ve never met, declaring that he’d love to have them all for tea, the kids at no. 24 are all abuzz with excitement. Of course, what the four siblings only belatedly realise is that their neighbour means it quite literally…

Written in humorous rhyming prose that rolls off the tongue easily, I love how the author has added a fun and suspenseful twist to elevate it beyond the usual birthday-party-themed story, while still ensuring that a wonderful time is had by all; as it turns out, there’s a far tastier treat to be had than children on birthdays — no prizes for guessing what that is!

With bright, lively illustrations, a quirky protagonist and wonderfully engaging and varied page designs, this is one literary birthday party you don’t want to miss!

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