Two Books for Spunky, Imaginative Girls

Get to know two amazingly spirited little girls in these two sparkling picture books: This Is Sadie and Bonjour Camille.

In Sadie’s whimsical world, the stories she reads come alive in her colourful imagination, filling her days with endless possibilities — after all, there are, for someone so resourceful and creative, “so many things to do and be”, like a mermaid, a sailor or even a boy raised by wolves! So is it any surprise that this girl also has wings that will take her anywhere she wants to go? As the icing on the cake, Julie Morstad’s dreamy illustrations — rendered with gouache, watercolour and pencil crayons — beautifully harness the essence of childhood magic to bring Sadie’s luminous world to life.

Next, we have spunky Camille, whose self-proclaimed “battledress” of a tutu and top hat probably tells you everything you need to know about her. Dramatic, energetic and original, Camille is a girl who doesn’t believe in living life by halves, but embraces and relishes every experience — whether it’s eating cherries (by the loads), allowing an ice-cream to melt in her hands, or thinking up whimsical projects, like “drawing thousands of faces on thousands of balloons”. Bringing Camille and her irrepressible personality, whirlwind energy and creativity to life, are boldly inked illustrations and quirky graphic collages and prints that accompany the large type.

Filtered through Sadie’s and Camille’s imagination, childhood — and, indeed, life itself — can be a never-ending wondrous adventure. After all, nothing is ordinary unless you choose to see it that way.


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