Americanine: A haute dog in New York by Yann Kebbi

New York is one of those places that seems to be unquestioningly on everyone’s list of places to visit, and after reading this hilariously unconventional and original take on the Big Apple through the eyes of a pet dachshund who tags along on his owner’s trip, the city might have moved up my list a few notches.

Admittedly, humans in general, let alone in one of the most energetic cities in the world, must seem like pretty odd creatures, and Americanine will make you giggle as the little dog regales his paw pals with interesting tidbits and amusing observations about the bustling city and the people in it, including famous landmarks and locations such as Ellis Island, Liberty Island, the Guggenheim Museum, Central Park and Coney Island.

The artist’s expressive colour-pencil illustrations are breathtakingly understated, yet somehow manage to convey the visceral energy of the city itself. The casual and accessible yet informative style of the writing is great for kids too!

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