In The Lion by James Foley

“In the city there is a zoo. In the zoo there is a lion. In the lion there is a… dentist [!!!]” So as not to spoil the story, it suffices to say that cumulative stories are almost always a hit with kids since it’s a clever way of building narrative momentum, as well as anticipation for what’s coming next — particularly when they are as fun and well done as this one. 

Combining a ravenous lion, excitement, humour, and a certain brave little boy, this is a superb offering that begs to be reread, and eventually “read” by even the little ones since they will surely memorise the irresistibly catchy text in no time.

The structure of the story is ostensibly simple yet completely ingenious, and I love that it is a true picture book in the sense that the fantastic illustrations work seamlessly — and hilariously — with the text to tell half the story and are indispensable to understanding it fully. Guaranteed to be a roaring hit with kids!

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