Where’s Mommy? by Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock

Maria has a secret friend: Mouse Mouse, who, unbeknownst to the other members of Maria’s family, lives with her little mouse family in the same house as them.

One day, both Maria’s and Mouse Mouse’s mothers are nowhere to be seen, so the two panicked little ones embark on a search around the house for their respective moms — only to get a big surprise when they finally do find them.

The highlights of this charming tale are the adorable illustrations that depict the close parallels between the lives of the unlikely housemates, especially since they are conveniently drawn side by side for easy comparison.

The details in the illustrations of the mouse end of the house are particularly sweet, whimsical and imaginative, and are guaranteed to make your whiskers twitch in delight.

p.s. Where’s Mommy? is the sequel to the equally enchanting book, Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary, by the same authors, which provides an interesting backstory to the goings-on in this book, even though they can be read separately.

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