Andrew Henry’s Meadow by Doris Burn

Some books are just pure magic from beginning to end, and Andrew Henry’s Meadow is one of them.

Andrew Henry is a classic middle child who doesn’t quite fit in with his four siblings. But this doesn’t really bother him since he is too busy coming up with fantastic — albeit not too practical — inventions.
Alas, his family doesn’t seem to appreciate his creative genius. So one day, he decides to run away with all the tools that he needs to build a house of his own, and he knows just the perfect spot for it, too.

The funny thing is, he soon realises that he’s not alone in feeling underappreciated as, one by one, the neighbourhood kids each come to him with a special request that Andrew Henry is all too happy to fulfil.

Doris Burn really understands the wild, adventurous side of children, and this incredible story, as well as its spectacularly detailed and imaginative inked illustrations, are a child’s wildest fantasies come true.

As this book gently reminds us, every child is unique and has the right to pursue his or her own interests and talents, whatever they may be.

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