Audrey’s Tree House

When precocious little Audrey announces to her dad that their house is getting too small for her, they set about looking for the perfect new space for her in their idyllic yard, which turns out to be high up on a tree!

I don’t think there’s a kid (or grownup, for that matter) out there who hasn’t dreamed of living in a treehouse. And, thanks to the imaginative and beautifully rendered watercolour illustrations here, watching Audrey’s Superdad put together her awesome treehouse — complete with a ‘pond’ for snorkelling! — is such vicarious fun!

The close relationship that the (apparently single) father and daughter share comes through in their warm dialogue and the sweet illustrations, and I love how the consummate dad patiently indulges Audrey’s need to assert her growing independence while still providing a safe harbour for her to return to.

p.s. Audrey’s Tree House was previously published with the title “A House of Her Own”.

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