Grumbug! by Adam Stower

Oliver and his best friend Troll run a cafe in the woods where they serve delicious cakes to other discerning trolls who choose to dine on these sugary treats rather than children.

Alas, on a particularly busy day, Oliver’s little sister Dolly wanders out of the cafe unsupervised and goes missing. Alarmed, Oliver and Troll go in search of Dolly — the only problem is, she seems to have toddled towards Munch Mountain where it’s rumoured that the biggest, meanest and grumpiest troll, Grumbug, lives. Well, that is if Grumbug even exists, since no one has yet to see him with their own eyes…

The energetic text, which merges both a narrative, as well as direct speech in comic-style bubbles (that Oliver’s speech rhymes is a fun touch), work hand-in-hand with the lively and revealing illustrations to tell an exciting, suspenseful, hilarious and surprisingly sweet tale of adventure that is impossible to resist.

And if the protagonists look familiar to you, it’s because this is the sequel to the equally entertaining Troll and the Oliver, which tells the story of how the unlikely duo survived a harrowing start to their relationship to become the best of friends.

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