Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett and Paul Meisel

When two sharp canine teeth appear in little Tootie’s mouth, seemingly overnight, the adorable toddler turns into a serial biter who sinks her “fangs” everywhere — and unfortunately for her big brother, she seems to find him particularly tasty… *Youch!* Could it be that she’s really a vampire baby?! (It sure doesn’t help that she seems to favour blood-red food and sleeps really poorly at night…)

Despite the Halloween-friendly title, no blood is spilled in this story, and at its heart, this is a fresh and surprisingly funny and sweet take on siblings that is particularly sympathetic to the plight of the long-suffering big brothers and sisters out there, who probably deserve more credit for all the times they are expected to give in to their younger sibling(s) just because.

As the mother of a reformed vampire toddler, I can attest to the apparent yumminess of older brothers (don’t ask), and I’m just thankful that, like Vampire Baby, she’s lucky to have a soft-hearted and patient big brother who lets her get away with more than she ought to have. I guess it helps to be the littlest and cutest in the family, eh?

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