We Forgot Brock! by Carter Goodrich

Phillip and Brock are best friends and they spend all their time together. The only problem is, everyone else can’t see Brock and have labelled him “Phillip’s imaginary friend”.

This can be troublesome when his parents don’t take Brock’s requests seriously, or when they look at Phillip strangely when he’s laughing at Brock’s antics, or, worst of all, when they forget about Brock completely and leave him behind at the Big Fair! Thankfully, as it turns out, Phillip ISN’T the only one who can see Brock after all.

I’ve never had an imaginary friend, or known anyone with one, but judging from their starring roles in some pretty fantastic books (The Imaginary!) and movies (Inside Out!) in recent times, that will make you think about imaginary friends in a whole new light, they’re finally getting their dues. And the latest title joining this illustrious list is We Forgot Brock!, which is definitely the best picture book we’ve read on the subject, in that it skilfully reproaches the well-meaning but mildly condescending way in which parents regard imaginary pals, in contrast to how real they are and how much they really mean to the kids themselves, AND it does it with lots of humour and heart.

After all, what is a true friend but someone/something that makes you feel less alone? And, real or imaginary, they are equally loyal and awesome to have around!

p.s. I love that Brock looks like he was drawn and coloured by Phillip!

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