The Good Little Book by Kyo Maclear and Marion Arbona

I have a soft spot for books about books, and this is a really special one. Ostensibly a simple story about a boy and a book, this is really a love story, complete with its tentative tender beginnings, the passionate ‘honeymoon’ stage, and finally, the bittersweet parting (note that I didn’t use the word ‘ending’).

And, in spite of himself, thanks to The Good Little Book, the boy eventually grows into a bona fide promiscuous reader — after all, no one ever says, ‘I love book’. It’s always plural — bookS. But, as they say, you never ever forget your first love.

With creative and delightfully whimsical illustrations detailing the boy’s adventures with his book, The Good Little Book speaks to all bibliophilic hearts, and will probably stir sweet memories of your own first bookish love.

Just as no formula in the world can perfectly predict who will meet and fall in love, so can’t you be sure which books will end up among somebody’s favourites. But, as with the people we serendipitously meet in life, I always believe that there’s a reason why we read the books we do. And the best thing about amazing books is that once you have read them, they somehow become a part of you. And no matter who else you share them with, they will always have an indelible place in your heart.

p.s. I love the vintage feel of the cover and its shy little face, as well as all the wonderful meta details in the endpapers that make perfect sense once you know its history.

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