Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood

Neighbours: love them or loathe them — either way, you have to learn to live with them. And so it is that when a family of gregarious rabbits decide to build their house beside that of a cantankerous, solitude-loving bear, life as the latter knows it changes for good (pun intended).

Those Pesky Rabbits is anything-but, and marks the remarkably assured picturebook debut of the jawdroppingly talented author-illustrator Ciara Flood.

Literally and completely delightful from cover to cover — the endpapers and back cover all have something to contribute — this attention paid to fine details is what makes every single page of the book so enjoyable and absorbing.

With a smoothly flowing and deftly paced story, adorable protagonists and warm illustrations infused with humour (look out for the mouse who quietly appears on almost every spread!), this is a heartwarming picture book that you will want to pop into your Christmas shopping list for all the little bunnies in your life — and maybe even the grumpy bears, since these sweet-natured rabbits will melt anyone’s heart, as they did the grouchy bear in this book.

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