Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini

We have a soft spot for books on books, and Books Always Everywhere may just be the cutest one yet! Featuring short, simple rhymes and the most playful and dreamy illustrations depicting the special relationship that children have with books, this is the perfect read for a little budding bibliophile.

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The Empowerment Series by Stephen Krensky and Sara Gillingham

If you think about it, childhood is when we go through some of the steepest learning curves in life — what with learning to walk, talk, read… it’s a pretty daunting list, really. And sometimes, what everyone, much less kids, needs is a little affirmation — that pat on the back to tell them that they’re doing just fine, and a little nudge in the right direction to push them to achieve more.

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Mmm… Let’s Eat! by Libby Koponen and Betsy Thompson

‘Eating a rainbow’ is a concept that helps kids to identify fresh produce and encourages healthy eating habits.


Mmm… Let’s Eat! is thus a deliciously colourful book that reinforces this fundamental idea with its simple but enjoyable narrative involving a cast of friendly animal characters who make good food choices as the day progresses from morning to night.

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Who Sleeps, Cat the Cat? by Mo Willems

It’s night-time and Cat the Cat is rounding up her friends for bed. It’s a good thing, then, that they already seem to be in various stages of their bedtime routine that will also be familiar to kids — Sheep the Sheep is reading, Pig the Pig is taking a bath, Giraffe the Giraffe is brushing his teeth, etc. — and are all quite agreeable to the idea. Well, that is, all except Owl the Owl…

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One Hungry Monster: A Counting Book in Rhyme by Susan Heyboer O’Keefe and Lynn Munsinger

What do you get when 10 hungry monsters invade a little boy’s house? As it turns out, surprisingly little bloodshed but a whole lot of mess and chaos — and a terrific counting book. The unique premise of One Hungry Monster sets it apart from the usual counting book since it reads like a fun story that just happens to offer opportunities for counting (as opposed to the many books that attempt the opposite).

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