Parts by Tedd Arnold

This hilariously illustrated book addresses some of the irrational fears that some kids might have — that their hair falling out means that they will go bald, or that when one tooth falls out, it means that other body parts are liable to come apart. Well, at least the boy in Parts did. Of course, when his parents realise what he’s going through, they reassure him that all is well, and tells him a bit about how the body works.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins and Eric Gurney

We love most of the Dr Seuss Beginning Beginners books, and those that focus on specific parts of the body are particularly great for babies and young toddlers who are learning about themselves. Like the Eye, Nose and Ear books, the catchy rhymes and fun illustrations in Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb make it fun to read out loud. And because the book is about hands and fingers, it encourages the little ones to drum their fingers or hands along with the monkey, like so: