Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins

In Clocks and More Clocks, the protagonist Mr. Higgins has a problem. He has a clock on every floor of his four-storey house, but when he goes around the house to check on them, they each show him a different time. Yet when he asks a clockmaker for help, he is told that they are all in perfect working order. What’s going on?

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What Time Is it, Mr Crocodile? by Judy Sierra and Doug Cushman

When Mr. Crocodile neatly plans out his schedule for the next day, he neglects to factor in the antics of the five cheeky monkeys who seem to enjoy his company more than he does theirs. In fact, he’s secretly planning to catch, cook and eat them for dinner — at 4, 5 and 6 o’clock, respectively!

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Clockwise by Sara Pinto

It’s a little ironic that the two- or three-handed clock or wristwatch has become somewhat anachronistic now that time is readily provided on digital watches, laptops and mobile phones, to name a few common “screens”. But as convenient as it has become to simply read off the time digitally, I still believe that knowing how to tell time with a real clock is important. 

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