How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans by David LaRochelle and Mark Fearing

Martha hates green beans. But when a gang of lean, mean and green b(e)andits swagger into town, everyone who has ever said “Eat your green beans” is in trouble — including her parents — and it’s up to Martha to save them.

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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

One of the reasons why many of Dr. Seuss’s best books resonate with both children and grown-ups, is the way he has compressed important life lessons into ostensibly lightly-worded and catchy rhymes that can be understood by anyone. And one of the best examples of his genius at work is, of course, Green Eggs and Ham, which, incredibly, contains only 50 different words — the happy result of a bet between the author and his publisher — and is ideal for the youngest readers.

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Mmm… Let’s Eat! by Libby Koponen and Betsy Thompson

‘Eating a rainbow’ is a concept that helps kids to identify fresh produce and encourages healthy eating habits.


Mmm… Let’s Eat! is thus a deliciously colourful book that reinforces this fundamental idea with its simple but enjoyable narrative involving a cast of friendly animal characters who make good food choices as the day progresses from morning to night.

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