Flap Your Wings by P.D. Eastman

A case of mistaken identity results in Mr. and Mrs. Bird having to contend with a strange egg in their nest. However, not only do they not try to get rid of the egg, but they look after it as if it were their very own — never mind that it is so big that both of them can sit on it at the same time! And even when the egg hatches and the baby looks nothing like them — or like any bird, for that matter — they try their darnedest to feed and nurture it until the time comes for it to fly (or attempt to, anyway) the roost.

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The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

In The Odd Egg, a duck feels left out when she sees that all the other birds have each laid an egg and are excitedly waiting for them to hatch. So when she finds a large white egg with green spots, she is very happy even though the other birds openly disparage it. One by one, the birds’ eggs hatch, until only duck’s egg is left. Then finally, when it hatches, the baby emerges to give the other birds (and the readers!) a big shock.

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Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson and Ben Fink

These days you read about celebrities who try to cash in on their fame by “writing” (often “co-writing” with the actual writer) a children’s book or two. I can see why people think it’s easy to make a children’s book, but the truth is, truly great children’s books can take years to germinate and a lot of effort to produce — which also explains why there are thousands of bad/mediocre titles out there that don’t read well; are style over substance; are let down by either the text or the images; are pointless copycats of classics (or worse, each other); exist to sell character merchandise; or are just plain uninspired.

It’s a rare thing, thus, to discover a thoroughly sincere and original book with a subject matter that is clearly close to the author’s heart. But that’s exactly what Tillie Lays An Egg is: a labour of love.
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Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman

Roly-Poly Egg is a lively book that centers around the rainbow spotted egg of Splotch the bird. Somehow the egg gets bounced off the tree and goes on an adventure of its own. The reader is invited to use his or her finger to follow its travels as it encounters different animals by tracing the raised dotted line. In the end, Splotch manages to get the egg back before it hatches — and the reader gets to reveal the chick inside by lifting the flaps.