Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

To one little boy, Fridays are extra-special because that’s when he and his dad go on their breakfast date, rain or shine. Every Friday thus invites us along on their weekly sojourn, which ostensibly involves nothing more than them taking a stroll to the corner diner for breakfast, but is really a composition of many smaller routines, like them leaving the house early, greeting familiar faces, peering into the same shop windows, dropping letters into the mailbox and simply enjoying their uninterrupted time and conversations together.

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The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud

It’s an all-too-familiar story: father and son are supposed to take a nice snooze together, but the dad falls asleep before the kid, who has other, more fun ideas… (Of course, this usually just means that the child is either still fooling about on the bed, or, at the very most, has sneaked off to play with some toys on his own.)

In The Bear’s Song, however, Little Bear takes bedtime shenanigans to the extreme when he single-mindedly — and rather recklessly — runs off to chase after a hapless bee in search of that ‘bear’s gold’ — honey — while his unsuspecting father is hibernating.


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