In Out and All Around (Odd One Out) by Guido van Genechten

In, Out and All Around is a quirky search-and-find book where kids will also learn about prepositions and opposites while following the simple instructions. There’s also a side activity involving looking for the animals who are “going to a party” — the great thing is, this can mean that the animal is wearing a hat, makeup or some ‘party-appropriate’ accessory, which makes the search unpredictable and fun.

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The Big Baby Book by Guido van Genechten


The Big Baby Book starts out by explaining how everyone starts out as babies — including animals. It goes on to describe the characteristics of different baby animals, before linking it back to the little boy, Josh, by telling us how he, too, started out as a baby, but that now, he’s about to be a big brother! Great for young toddlers who are about to get a new baby sibling.