Peanut Butter & Brains by Joe McGee and Charles Santoso

Judging from the success of The Walking Dead and the hilarious Zombieland that I finally got around to watching recently, zombies have become pretty mainstream fare. Thus, it might come as no surprise that they have also entered the realm of picture books.

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No Such Thing by Jackie French Koller and Betsy Lewin

When his family moves into an old house, Howard can’t sleep because he thinks there’s a monster under his bed, even though his mom insists there’s no such thing. Meanwhile, under Howard’s bed, a “non-existent” little monster is afraid because he hears a boy above his bed, but HIS mom is adamant that there’s no such thing!

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Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett and Paul Meisel

When two sharp canine teeth appear in little Tootie’s mouth, seemingly overnight, the adorable toddler turns into a serial biter who sinks her “fangs” everywhere — and unfortunately for her big brother, she seems to find him particularly tasty… *Youch!* Could it be that she’s really a vampire baby?! (It sure doesn’t help that she seems to favour blood-red food and sleeps really poorly at night…)

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