1 Hunter by Pat Hutchins

In this wildly entertaining counting book, animal camouflage is the name of the game while the oblivious lone hunter (1 Hunter) stalking through the jungle wielding a menacing rifle becomes a running joke of sorts — in fact it soon becomes unclear who’s doing the hunting, after all!

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One Too Many by Gianna Marino

Gianna Marino‘s stunning gouache art takes centre stage in this almost-wordless seek-and-find counting book set in the barnyard. Designed for slightly older kids, the reader should have no trouble using his/her own observation and deduction skills to drive the simple but amusing storyline in this book, where every turn of the page sees not only the introduction of a new animal around the water trough where all the action takes place, but also more and more animals, i.e. one flea, two cows, three horses, five sheep, etc. Continue reading