The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra and Melissa Sweet

For children who are learning or are familiar with the alphabet, these 26 letters will be of very special interest to them: they love reciting and/or singing the alphabet song, and get excited when they spot and recognise individual letters, as if they are old pals. So, is it any wonder that letters have been personified in this book, à la Chicka Chicka Boom Boom?

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Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur by Judy Sierra and Tim Bowers

Manners are nice to have, but the process of instilling them can be kinda boring since more often than not, parents end up nagging their kids to mind their P’s and Q’s. To be fair, though, most kids don’t mean to be rude — they’re probably too preoccupied with having fun to remember the myriad dull rules that adults come up with.

Thus, Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur tries to make learning manners fun for the little ones — and it succeeds, too.

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