In The Lion by James Foley

“In the city there is a zoo. In the zoo there is a lion. In the lion there is a… dentist [!!!]” So as not to spoil the story, it suffices to say that cumulative stories are almost always a hit with kids since it’s a clever way of building narrative momentum, as well as anticipation for what’s coming next — particularly when they are as fun and well done as this one. 

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Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes

Libraries and lions seem like an odd pairing, but in this unique tale (tail?), it somehow works.

As we know, libraries have strict rules, and in this story the two basic rules are: 1. no running; and 2. be quiet. But there are no rules about lions being in the library, are there? And so, this is the story of a special lion who walks into the library one day and decides that he likes it — particularly the story-telling sessions.

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