The Mouse Who Ate the Moon by Petr Horacek

There’s just something about the moon that evokes feelings of wistful nostalgia, mystery… and hunger — at least that’s the impression we get from some of the children’s books we’ve reviewed, like Mooncake, Sidney, Stella and the Moon and now, The Mouse Who Ate the Moon.

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The Boat by Monique Felix


The Boat is a charming little hardcover book that is part of a series of re-released ‘Mouse Books’ by Swiss artist Monique Felix that star a little mouse who is seemingly trapped in the blank pages of the book, but uses its ingenuity and imagination to alter its circumstance in a delightfully unexpected manner.

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Hide-and-Squeak by Heather Vogel Frederick and C. F. Payne

Children have an inexhaustible capacity for play, and as such, parents can seem like spoilsports when they call an end to their fun at nap- or bedtime. In Hide-and-Squeak, however, Mouse Baby and his father have turned this familiar nightly, ahem, parental Cat-and-Mouse into a game of sorts where Mouse Baby leads his father on a merry chase through the garden and all around the (human-sized) house before he is ‘caught’ and tucked into bed.

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